Goals in the Time of Corona

With the pandemic sweeping the nation like some stupid internet challenge, classes have moved online and I’m working remotely. As grateful as I am to still be employed and have a safe home to weather this pathological storm in, I know I’m going to struggle with the open-ended quarantine.

I’m a goal-oriented person. I like making lists, crossing things off. It’s a tangible sense of satisfaction that you just can’t get by, you know, remembering to do things. So, as we enter into the pandemic, I’ve set a goal for myself. It’s a lofty goal (and it’s going to be harder because the library is also indefinitely closed).

I’m going to get to the bottom of my To Be Read pile.

A few years ago, I got this miniature Moleskine notebook at some corporate event (complete with that company’s logo stamped on the front) and it was the perfect size to slip into one of the outer compartment of my bag or into a purse or even a pocket, if I managed to find girl pants that actually had, you know, real pockets. I’ve found it to be really useful for all those times when I hear about a book that sounds interesting or when someone gives me a recommendation. The annual best-of lists that hit every December are also basically my favorite thing about the Christmas season, so I’ve filled up pages with a lot of those titles, as well. And while I’m a fast reader, it turns out I’m even faster at writing down (or buying) books that I want to read, leading to that inevitable backlog that every bookworm gets sooner or later.

I’ve got my backlog. I’m going to use this pandemic to catch up.

Come with me as I try to conquer my TBR pile and maybe keep myself sane along the way.

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