‘Babel’ a Fascinating Course in Linguistics and Labor

Although Babel takes place in the first half of the nineteenth century, the message about colonialism and a supposed superiority of one country or race is one for today. So is the eventual turn toward solidarity among the outcasts and the working class.

Poem in Soft Star Mag!

Great news today out of Soft Star Magazine: my poem, “Not Quite Right,” is published in their third issue, Wormhole, and is today’s featured work. Check it out, and browse around the rest of Soft Star’s great work while you’re at it!

‘Wildblood’ Picks Inconvenient Times for Romance

The concept of Wildblood takes the stories of ye olde expeditions of the Victorian era and flips them right on their pith-helmeted heads, but its intricate scaffolding is hidden behind a romance as subtle as one of those giant stuffed bears holding a glittering heart between its paws.


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